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Here to help you with your payment, software, and clinical solutions so you’re more competitive and profitable.

HOW WE ROLL: Get shit done, solve more problems than we cause, personal growth, supporting others, traveling, making real connections, playing with our little one, and having fun!

We offer a wide range of healthcare solutions and services including value based clinical support, electronic health records systems, practice management software, revenue cycle management services, and online payments.

Our patient billing solutions have been successful for our clients. One reported a 40% collection rate within just 30 days, while another saw an 11% collection rate for their entire accounts receivable on the first day of implementation. Let us do the same for you!

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Need Payment Solutions?

Click here learn more about 👉🏼 Electronic Payment Advisory Group

EPAG - Electronic Payment Advisory Group

Here to Help You Generate Income and Outcomes

If you are a healthcare provider in a health system, physician group, or private practice, let us show you how we can save you time, increase your practice revenue, improve your quality metrics, and improve patient outcomes.❤️❤️

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