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Hi! I’m Mee Le, PharmD

Pharmacist | Coach | Consultant | and More

I help highly successful individuals with practical tools to balance wellbeing, life, business, and more!!



If you’re like me where your life looks great on paper, but feels like crap in real life, let’s chat!!

Like you, I was an ambitious and adventurous, but deep down I just wasn’t happy…. On paper and social media my life looked great. With over 15 years in healthcare and 10 years as a community pharmacist, I’ve managed profitable pharmacies, created centralized pharmacy support teams for primary care and specialty providers, and led patient care programs that delivered health screenings/awareness, chronic disease management, targeted adherence programs, assisted with the pandemic, and vaccine clinics.

Sounds great, right?

But secretly, the twelve plus working hours a day caught up to me. I was burning out, felt like I was withering away, and was tired of feeling pulled in all directions!! So I did what you probably did, maxed my paid time off vacations, used food/alcohol and work to numb myself for years…. After gaining weight, lots of sleepless nights, and losing a self of myself, I did TONS of research, soul searching, hired many coaches, and went on retreats. And discovered the things I strived for didn’t bring me true happiness, that I was hiding under all the layers of “success” and repressing or ignoring other parts of me and filled that void with lavish vacations, food/alcohol, and more work. And with that realization my life changed completely!

I became a multi-passionate entrepreneur and created businesses that built passive income to replace my earned pharmacist income. Now, I get to spend as much time with my loved ones as I want, travel whenever and wherever I want, practice medicine on my terms, and actually live the life I created.

Here's How I Did it (and How You Can Do it Too)

✔️ valued my health and wealth. LITERALLY it was no longer a wish 🤯

✔️ created systems that have been the foundation for my success in home and business

✔️ strategize and made it happen

✔️ leveraged my properties as a vacation rental owner

✔️ invested in others and myself

✔️ rewired my beliefs and thoughts

✔️create and lead high performing teams

✔️befriend my ego, mean girl, b!tch 😅

✔️take care of myself as I care for others

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